Why You Should Use a Mattress Cover

Do you know what a mattress cover does and how it can benefit you? When hearing ‘mattress cover’ many people immediately think they are used for bed wetting or those looking for an extra sale. While they are used for those who wet the bed, do you know what other benefits they offer? Keep reading to find out why you may not want to sleep without one again.

What mattress covers do:

Keep it clean – Have you stopped to think how messy the human body really is? At night, our skin creates oils, some people sleep with their makeup on, and on top of this, there is the sweating and dead skin cells that are produced or shed. Let’s not forget other activities that produce ‘wet spots’.

This stuff can soak into the mattress, through the sheet. Once there, it’s a challenge to get out. It’s easier to wash a cover.

Protects mattress condition – Moisture of any kind, such as spilled drinks or sweat eventually wears on the foam. This makes the overall life span of your mattress much less than it could be.

Reduces allergies from dust mites – Did you know a common issue is dust mite allergies? By using a mattress cover, you can reduce or even prevent triggers that can result in sneezing, wheezing, runny nose and other allergy symptoms. Dead skin cells attract dust mites, because they eat them. You don’t want dust mite food all in your mattress, right?

Protects your warranty – If your mattress has a warranty and you accidently spill your drink on it, your warranty will likely be voided. This is a loophole mattress companies use to get out of expenses. Stick it to the man, use a mattress cover!