What Tossing and Turning All Nigh Really Means

Are you finding that you are not sleeping that well, or your partner has mentioned you toss and turn in your sleep? This is actually a common issue and you are not alone. Tossing and turning in your sleep, also referred to as Restless Sleep can be the result of many different things. There are five common symptoms that play a role in restless sleep, and they can range in severity too.

Often times, people may not even know they are tossing and turning in their sleep until someone notices and lets them know. Others, the tossing and turning is so bad that it wakes them out throughout the night, which alerts the sleeper of the issue. Either way, it can lead to poor sleep quality and being drowsy and not as alert the following day, even with 8 hours of sleep.

The following symptoms are common culprits of restless sleep:

Teething – With infants, this is a common symptom of restless sleep. Gums can become swollen, while infants fuss and bit objects.

Sleep Apnea – This symptom is more common in back sleepers, and obese people, but can result in restless sleep because it stops and restarts the breathing throughout a person’s sleep.

Acute Stress Reaction – This symptom shows up in the form of nervousness, having a sense of doom, and being short of breath.

Periodic Limb Movement Disorder – This is a sleep disorder which results in a person’s legs repetitively moving in their sleep.

Night Terrors – This is a common symptom of restless sleep that affects young and older people. When bad enough, it can also cause the person to suddenly wake in terror and/or confusion.