Why You Should Use a Mattress Cover

Do you know what a mattress cover does and how it can benefit you? When hearing ‘mattress cover’ many people immediately think they are used for bed wetting or those looking for an extra sale. While they are used for those who wet the bed, do you know what other benefits they offer? Keep reading to find out why you may not want to sleep without one again.

What mattress covers do:

Keep it clean – Have you stopped to think how messy the human body really is? At night, our skin creates oils, some people sleep with their makeup on, and on top of this, there is the sweating and dead skin cells that are produced or shed. Let’s not forget other activities that produce ‘wet spots’.

This stuff can soak into the mattress, through the sheet. Once there, it’s a challenge to get out. It’s easier to wash a cover.

Protects mattress condition – Moisture of any kind, such as spilled drinks or sweat eventually wears on the foam. This makes the overall life span of your mattress much less than it could be.

Reduces allergies from dust mites – Did you know a common issue is dust mite allergies? By using a mattress cover, you can reduce or even prevent triggers that can result in sneezing, wheezing, runny nose and other allergy symptoms. Dead skin cells attract dust mites, because they eat them. You don’t want dust mite food all in your mattress, right?

Protects your warranty – If your mattress has a warranty and you accidently spill your drink on it, your warranty will likely be voided. This is a loophole mattress companies use to get out of expenses. Stick it to the man, use a mattress cover!

What Tossing and Turning All Nigh Really Means

Are you finding that you are not sleeping that well, or your partner has mentioned you toss and turn in your sleep? This is actually a common issue and you are not alone. Tossing and turning in your sleep, also referred to as Restless Sleep can be the result of many different things. There are five common symptoms that play a role in restless sleep, and they can range in severity too.

Often times, people may not even know they are tossing and turning in their sleep until someone notices and lets them know. Others, the tossing and turning is so bad that it wakes them out throughout the night, which alerts the sleeper of the issue. Either way, it can lead to poor sleep quality and being drowsy and not as alert the following day, even with 8 hours of sleep.

The following symptoms are common culprits of restless sleep:

Teething – With infants, this is a common symptom of restless sleep. Gums can become swollen, while infants fuss and bit objects.

Sleep Apnea – This symptom is more common in back sleepers, and obese people, but can result in restless sleep because it stops and restarts the breathing throughout a person’s sleep.

Acute Stress Reaction – This symptom shows up in the form of nervousness, having a sense of doom, and being short of breath.

Periodic Limb Movement Disorder – This is a sleep disorder which results in a person’s legs repetitively moving in their sleep.

Night Terrors – This is a common symptom of restless sleep that affects young and older people. When bad enough, it can also cause the person to suddenly wake in terror and/or confusion.

My pillow vs iso cool pillow

We have all heard that saying “cooler than the flip side of a pillow”, and anyone who has tried to sleep during a hot summer night, can actually tell you just how important that is. Even when the weather isn’t that hot, we have tossed and turned, flipping our pillows to the other side just for that coolness, just so that we can get some much needed sleep. These days, some pillow manufacturers got smart and began to help people like us by making pillows that are made to stay really cool and are comfortable, so you don’t have to keep flipping them when they get too hot. A cooling pillow is not only a great addition to your bedroom, but these two brands have been at war about which one is best.

My Pillow Reviews

My Pillow is really popular right now. The big difference between the traditional pillow and this widespread pillow isn’t just the form, it is the size. Conventional pillows are a bit large and can be pretty bulky. Neck support and cooling pillows like the My Pillow are a bit shorter. The reason for this is really quite logical. The S shape of your spine will happen if the shoulders are directly on the mattress which is the best sleeping posture for a pleasant and relaxing sleep, your neck and head must be laying on the pillow. Due to the larger sizes of a regular pillow, it doesn’t cushion your head like it is supposed to and the shoulders are then on the pillow, which causes your lower cervical vertebra to buckle and cause severe tension. My Pillow helps to relieve this pressure and keep your cool while you sleep. The foam pieces can’t be removed so you have to deal with the fullness of this pillow.

Is it the best My pillow review also check out this my pillow review.  To find out more about My Pillow reviews check out www.sleepbetteramerica.net to find out more.  How can help test reports in the purchase decision?

iso cool pillow review

The ISO Cool pillow really differs from the My Pillow. In order to get the right type of cool for you, you have to know the different types of ISO cools and what makes them different. Based on the data that has been done by sleep researchers, there are three type of sleepers: back sleepers, stomach sleepers, and side sleepers. The best part about the ISO cool pillows are that they work for all types of sleepers. You don’t have to worry about getting the right firmness like the My Pillow. It stays cool at night due to the awesome memory foam and there isn’t a chemical smell either.

Which reviews to trust?

Having the right type of pillow can help to get rid of neck pains and even help those who suffer from chronic migraines. It also can stay quite cool. When it comes down to it, the ISO Cool tends to be the best pillow for all sleepers as it stays cool, keeps your neck in alignment, and it gives you a very relaxing yet orthopedically correct sleep. The My Pillow, just doesn’t do that. The ISO Cool has less complaints, more positive reviews, and it really works.

The My Pillow is great pillow also to help you get a good night’s sleep.  I’ll also list some resources below which will help you get the best sleep possible.